"Where are you now? JOIN to one of the newest challenges"

JOIN to one of the newest challenges on Facebook, click to group "Where are you now? Where have you been? Travel pictures and videos!" 
Launched on August 1, 2019, the group is the author of travel photos and videos from around the world. Each of you can share your experiences, photos and videos and enjoy the rest of them shared in the group.
You can share photos and videos in several ways:
- where are you at the moment?
- Post photos and videos of past trips.
- Introduce your country and the city where you live and give us interesting places to visit, helping everyone else to choose a new destination.

Be familiar with the rules of the group carefully before you start posting:
- Only post your personal photos and videos for which you are entitled.
- Do not re-share photos and videos from other pages and groups.
- If you want to offer your service, you can do it only with a link to follow the materials you publish, with no more than 100 characters to present the idea.
- Do not post ads, spam and material that is irrelevant to the content of the group
- to follow the good tone in communication with other members of the group and to follow all rules of the social network
One of the important things in the group is:
"If you want to see all the photos and videos posted on that day, you have to choose the group name in the Facebook search form, log in and scroll down. The rules of the social network are otherwise you will only see highlights and you'll miss out on some really interesting material. "
Last but not least - be sure to share the group with your friends from all over the world, invite them through the Facebook invitation panel.
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