Administration and protection of PERSONAL DATA of the users of

The hereby document contains the general terms and conditions, according to which "THAI InvestmentLtd, UIC 202778087, with headquarters in district Sofia ( capital city), municipality Metropolitan, Sofia - city, L.c. MLADOST – 3, bl. 375, entr. 1, fl. 5, ap. 28, represented by Biser Ivanov Kunchev – Manager, he will collect, proceed and store the personal data provided by the users of the internet information platform

1. "THAI InvestmentLtd is registered administrator of personal data according the Law for protecting Personal Data and is obliged to take due care and to be responsible for securing the information about the user which has become known to him because of the relation with the users, except in the cases of unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, malicious acts coming from third party or by order of state authorities, or officials, which according the current legislation are entitled to require and collect such information and in compliance with the statutory procedures;

2. In the registration form and / or in the order form filled in b the user , "THAI InvestmentLtd marks the obligatory or optional fields for providing of personal data. By expressing agreement with the General terms and conditions for the usage of the informational platform Thailand-Secrets.comthe user agrees the information about him/her to be processed according the provided for them terms and targets.

3. The organization regarding the mentioned above is not applied is case in which the user or persons under his/her control have violated the rights legitimate interests of third parties or mandatory legislation governing. In this event "THAI InvestmentLtdhas the rights to provide personal information of the user to the competent state authorities, in accordance with the law.

4. In reference to the General conditions (positioned and available to the user in the information platform, the user agrees his/her Personal data to be used by "THAI InvestmentLtd for identification in the signed contracts, marketing purposes, reporting and accounting purposes and statistical processing in accordance with article 4 from the Law on Protection of Personal data.

5. In reference to the General conditions (positioned and available to the user in the information platform, the user agrees with the possibility "THAI InvestmentLtd to receive advertisements, commercial and informational messages on e-mail registered on the user profile, to be contacted by phone with marketing purposes or in the event of expiring terms and services of the clients.

In the event that any of these conditions become invalid by virtue of a judgment, the rest remains in force.

The hereby is established by decision of the sole shareholder of "THAI InvestmentLtd and enters into force for all users counted from 01/01/2016.